Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Privacy on Orkut.

There was a time on Orkut when people considered it not so private or not at all private enough to share their photos in album or their thoughts in scrapbook. This was time when Orkut displayed your photos freely to anyone and you scrapbook was you open journal. The only few things that could be hid in profile were your mobile no and few other minor details. Many chided Orkut for this lack of privacy.

Finally, Orkut gave heed and there was a more secure album system where you could leave your photos visible to either you ‘friends’ or ‘friends of friends’ or to everyone. Even a similar option for scrapbook was given.

Then came a bigger change a few days ago when Orkuteers could make an album exclusive to only a set of people or to a definite group they made. (Also, I’d like to tell you now you can even show your photos to person with only an email id irrespective of whether he is in Orkut or not).

Now, the biggest step in privacy came when adding a friend could be done only by email address of the receiving end. Yeah, its functional now. This is a boon for people troubled by unknown buggers with friend requests even after being mentioned that they are not interested in Business Networking or not interested in making friends and would be sufficed to have a closed circle of friends.(I see a lot of happy girls out there now)

Seems like Orkut has marginally scored at being better at privacy than other Social Networking websites for the moment..

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Liam said...

Thanks for the useful info. I think we sometimes forget when posting to such things that it may leave us open to identity theft.