Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Airtel: We Want Your Money

As per the title this is what Airtel's (India) motto seems to have become. Over the past 26 days they've proved to me whatever the situation be, they can steal/rob me of my money.

There have been lot of incidents before but let me just tell you whats been happening in the past 26 days..
Below is how the past few days they drove me crazy like anything.

May 5th - After activating Mobile Office I was rendered without net for a whole day because of a fault of Airtel. First they accepted their fault and later changed their words.
I overlooked this event, somehow living with the harsh treatment. I made nearly 12 calls them in 4 days for the same. I even overlooked their sad, pathetic network.

May 14th - Having activated MO once more on 12th and having a balance of Rs 117 I felt I could enjoy Internet browsing peacefully for the next two weeks. I was wrong again. On 14th I received a SMS stating that I had downloaded a Monster Truck Java Game worth Rs 99.
I called up the customer care and lodged a complaint, they accepted a wrong on their part and gave a deadline of 19th(6 PM) as to when I would get my balance back.
Just as I ended the call another Rs 15 was deducted stating another game was downloaded worth Rs 15. I called the customer care back again and lodged a complaint again, they accepted their fault again and this time they refunded my Rs 15 back instantly.
But I had to wait for the Rs 99 up until 19th May.

May 19th - I was off the MO weekly pack and called up the CC as my money was not yet credited, they gave story that their server was having problems and their application were down and couldn't help me then.

May 20th - I activated MO daily pack worth Rs 20. Then, I called up the CC again to enquire about the lost money. They patched me through to a senior and she told me that I would get my balance back in 24hrs.

May 21th - Activated the MO daily pack again. Made a call to CC again,. A senior executive again said I would get a refund and they would call me back themselves.

May 22th - Activated MO daily pack again. Finally received a call from Airtel Back-end Dept. They squarely told me that it was not their problem and I had to live with it. They could only send the game again if I needed.
Again he made me call the CC who patched me through a senior who took a complaint and told by evening(That's Now) I would receive a solution.

Summary to the above:
Airtel treats its customer like dog.
They feel anyone using their service is a meek, non-tech person and they can get away with anything.
They will first take a complaint and give you a date of rectification, where the date of rectification is at least 4 days later.
Then they'll push it further and further and further.........
Finally they'll tel you to live with it.
Airtel decides what you want.

This is the message I received
"Thanks for downloading JavaGame from Airtel Live WAP Service. You've been charged Rs 99. Enjoy http: //gofun. in"

Few points over here:
First, I do not use Airtel Live in any circumstances, it costs 50paisa/30Kb.
2nd, I do not have the setting for Airtel Live.
3rd, I have deleted every site related to Airtel back in the years itself.

For the past days I've come up with more than a dozen original jokes and one-liners on Airtel.

Airtel, This is from your customer who has taken enough sh*t from you.

26 days after, I still have no proper solution from Airtel. And to top it all they have cut me off from the shittyy customer support.

Airtel, Its not over, until I say its over..

Until next time.

Not so warm regards to Airtel.


Rajesh said...

Airtel Sucks Dude! What you can do is Mail your problem to TRAI and CC the Same Mail to Airtel's Nodal Officer. If even that does not works, wait till September, once Mobile Number Portability comes Airtel is going to lose Sh!t load of customers. I too have gone through what you are going through and it just shucks

Sumeet said...

I wanted to retain the No, so was with Airtel and when I heard of Mobile number inter-operability, my joys knew no bound..

About mailing to TRAI, I will.. :)