Saturday, August 11, 2012

Airtyme GTX75 Torrid Mobile Phone - The Stuff Lost In Fine Print

I bought the above phone last month thinking it was a steal at that price. But since then I've have found that "not everything that shines is gold".

You can see the given specs at the link provided below:

Now Let me show you what the left out.

*    The phone supports java apps, but they run way too slow. I had to hunt older versions of the apps to get them to run(Opera Mini 7 doesn't even start.). The overall phone working itself is sluggish.
*    Touchscreen is resistive one, so no expectation were involved. But the b@#%%$ touchscreen stops working when being charged.
*    BTW if you didn't know its a china-made phone.
*    The charger, earphone and data-cable go into the same port, so only one can be used at a time (Data cable not provided).

*    Charger comes with EU Plug[above]. And the charger itself is rare one should yours go kaput.

*    They say the ear-set is 3.5mm, but in reality there is a adapter cable involved[above]. And the sound through the earpiece is dead low.

I tried calling them about the charger on a saturday afternoon and I was left listening to the dial tune after a automated voice. wont let me leave a review.

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