Friday, February 20, 2009


About Songbird:

Songbird is an open-source customizable music player that's under active development. It has a built-in meta-editor. Want more, it has a fully functional browser with download manager too.

Get Started:
Download Songbird from here Its an 12MB installer. Installing is fairly simple.

On the first run you're suggested a set of add-ons which you can install later too.

Then you are presented with the interface which is quite easy to get adjusted to and you have your music added to the songbird library.
You can get add-ons for Songbird here.Few of my favourites are listed below.

LyricMaster - LyricMaster retrieves lyrics, lets you save them back to the file, edit them via the metdata editor.
MediaFlow - Lets you flip through your album art.
LiveTweeter - Post your listening status and tracks played to Twitter, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Pidgin, & Mercury.
YABS(Yet Another Black Songbird) - Is a feather/skin which gives the Songbird a beatiful black look.
iBird - Another feather which gives SongBird a iTunes look.
Album Art Manager - Album Art Manager for Songbird.
Wikipedia Extension - Displays the Wikipedia page for the current artist.
You can find more here

New Beta Builds:
Songbird 1.1 Beta 1 is Available for Testing at here.

New features in the beta release include -
*On demand Fetching of Album Artwork
*MTP Device Support

For updates and news:

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Quiz_Master said...

I used songbird for a couple of months. Really liked it, but then found that I can do much more with Winamp :P

The most importent thing in Songbird is it's Last.Fm integration and support for addons. If they can just make it more stable. It has the potential of FireFox.