Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Waving With The Bots

"First, What is Google Wave?"
Read it here

"What are bots, why add them?"
Before going into paranoia attack, Bots in Google Wave are very useful little Wave extensions. Each bot has a certain use ranging from useful to just plain fun.

"How do I add a bot?"
Bots are to be added in contacts first and then added to a Wave as you add contacts/friends to a wave.

Now Below is the mega-list of bots I could find. [Will be updated as I find more. Suggest more in comments if you find any.]

ID - tweety-wave@appspot.com
What it does? - This bot helps you send tweets from Google Wave.


ID - wikifier@appspot.com
What it does? - This bot adds links and definitions from Wikipedia to your waves for a given topic.

Polly the Pollster:
ID - polly-wave@appspot.com
What it does? - Polly the Pollster lets you create multiple choice polls with custom questions and answers.

ID - yelpful@appspot.com
What it does? - This bot uses Yelp.com for searching in a wave. Type a query, such as /yelp [keyword], and Yelpful responds with search results in a new blip.

ID - twitusernames@appspot.com
What it does? - This bot turns any word with @ in the beginning to a Twitter link. For example: @Sumeet becomes a hyperlinked @Sumeet .

ID - emoticonbot@appspot.com
What it does? - This bot converts text smiley into smiley images.

Eliza the Robot Shrink:
ID - elizarobot@appspot.com
What it does? - Remember the DOS program, yes. It is a programmed therapist who chats with you in Wave.

ID - flippy-wave@appspot.com
What it does? - This bot turns all the contents of the wave upside down.

ID - bouncy-wave@appspot.com
What it does? - This bot is for taking/bouncing out a bot from a wave.

Imma Let You Finish:
ID - imma-let-u-finish@appspot.com
What it does? - Yes, Kanye made it to the Google Wave. What this bot does is interrupts in a wave with "I'mma let you finish".

Wave Alpha:
ID - py-robot@appspot.com
What it does? - An bot for Wolfram Alpha.

More Below:

Madoqua Wave Bot:
ID - blog-bot@appspot.com

ID - sweepy-wave@appspot.com

The Swedish Chef bot:
ID - borkforceone@appspot.com

ID - rssybot@appspot.com

Bloggy bot:
ID - blog-wave@appspot.com

ID - wavehangman@appspot.com

Until next time.

PS: No points for guessing the Post Title is a pun of "Riding With the Boys".