Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Naruto Fights That Should Have Been

[Warning: Don't attempt to read this blog post if you do not follow the anime or the manga, I won't be explaining anything.]

Naruto is one the most popular anime and manga. It can also be said it is the top most viewed manga and anime, and its popularity never seems to lessen or end. And neither does the story.

In this post I picked out fight that would have been a treat to watch. And here we go:

Fight #5 : Hashirama Senju (First Hokage) vs Madara Uchiha.
No doubt this would be one awesome battle to watch as both were really powerful ninjas and had an arsenal cool techniques. We could even see the full extent of Madara's "Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan" and how he could manipulate the Kyuubi.
Chances of happenning: Maybe as a flashback of the one battle which already took place at "The Valley of End".
Who might win: Hashirama Senju
Why: Duh, He has already defeated Madara.

Fight #4 : Kakashi Hatake vs Itachi Uchiha.
I know there are two different occassions where Kakashi and Itachi come face to face but that weren't the full-scale battle I was hoping for. This is one fight I was hoping would happen big-time. With both being ANBU members and taunted to be geniuses, this would have been a battle of battles.
Chances of happenning: Not happening, coz Itachi is dead.
Who might win: Itachi Uchiha
Why: Being the original successor of Sharingan and having sharingan on both eyes definitely gives him the edge.

Fight #3 : Neji Hyuuga vs Sasuke Uchiha.
Both happen to be No 1 rookie Ninja's of their age, both being as Genius of their respective clans and both having a "Kekkai Genkai". This would be a fight of eyes more than anything. The Byaakugan vs the Sharingan.
Chances of happenning: Slim chances.
Who might win: Sasuke Uchiha
Why: Susanoo, Ametarasu and Tsukiyomi [Mangekyo Sharingan].

Fight #2 : Minato Namikaze (Fourth Hokage) vs Nagato (Pain).
This here would be a fight between a fearless leader against the one with the "Rinnegan". Also, Fourth hokage could kill in cold blood and not stand and sissy chat with Pain. It would have been skills against pure power.
Chances of happenning: Not happenning, both are dead.
Who might win: Minato Namikaze
Why: Naruto did it.

Fight #1 : Naruto Uzumaki vs Sasuke Uchiha.
All the battle between them up until now are like trailers and the big battle is surely lining up. And both have grown very strong and both have defeated one tough foe each.
Chances of happenning: Soon, my dear friend, very soon.
Who might win: Naruto Uzumaki
Why: Seriously, Lead Character (LC) = (CL) Can't Lose [Mathematical Equation of Manga and Anime].

You can watch few of these battles using the Naruto Video Games. If you dont own the game, check the videos at youtube.

[NOTE: This post was written before Naruto 488 episode of manga was out.]

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